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Authorized person

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180gr Hazelnut Spread
250gr Double Roasted Hazelnut
250gr Vacuum Double Roasted Hazelnut
320gr Hazelnut Spread
500gr Raw Hazelnut Vacuum
500gr Roasted Hazelnut in Shell
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As Ozkaya Gida we manufacture and supply hazelnut, nuts, peanut butter, hazelnut paste, hazelnut in shell, shelled hazelnut, raw hazelnut, roasted hazelnut, roasted nuts, shelled nuts, hazelnuts, nut, peanut butters, hazelnut pastes, hazelnuts in shell, shelled hazelnuts, raw hazelnuts, roasted hazelnuts, roasted nut, shelled nut, salty hazelnuts, salty hazelnut, unsalty hazelnut, unsalty hazelnuts, saltless hazelnut, saltless hazelnuts, unsalted hazelnut, unsalted hazelnuts, salt-free hazelnut, salt-free hazelnuts, fried hazelnut, fried hazelnuts, roasted hazel nut, roasted hazel nuts, hazel nut, hazel nuts, fried hazel nut, fried hazel nuts...



“Teyyaredüzü Mah. Yeşim Sk. No: 33, Giresun, Turkey”

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“Halis ÖZKAYA”


“+90 454 215 00 01”

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